Mari mencuci sawang!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ohh. lama tak update.. sangat-sangat lama...Sangat-sangat busy as well.

Only today it seems a bit quite. Bosses not around. Most of colleagues taking additional leave (or clean up their leaves).

Moi? Life as usual. Only that end of this year my pocket seems dried out so quickly. School preparation for 2 kids is not that cheap. I can't imagine for those of you and you who had gone thru spending money for 4 kids.

Nisa will be in standard 2 next year. Same school. Only that we are nor pursue her for KAFA this year (actually we already stop her KAFA since last June). KAFA near to my housing area does not lmeet my expectations. Is not that I'm expecting some 1st class of treatment mind you, but the attitude of most of "educator" does not shows by what they deliver. Rough words, busy texting during classes and kids are just running around without proper monitoring by them, doesn't looks like that they really wants to be a teacher or helps to educate those kids. Its like that they have to do on what they have to. Nothing more than that. Get it? No?

By the way, not to talk much about them. For me tak suka dah, I better stop Nisa from KAFA and let her put her focus to learn Muqadam. So she can khatam and reads Quran better. Afterall, what I see whatever she learned at school is nothing less than what she had to learn again during KAFA.

Najah will be in the kindergarten near to my house. Same school where we sent Nisa before. I trust the place and I know they are better than Sm@rtreader near to my house. Most of her ex-student (same batch with Nisa) that I know, have excel in class during Standard 1. Lagipun, the place is just a few steps a way from my house. Tak sempat keluar peluh dah sampai. How I wish my office pon this near. Senang nak balik rumah hantar anak pergi balik sekolah in between office time. Dream on!hehehehe..

Fahim, my only little boy but heavier than his sister now, is progressing well. He plays a lot, talk a lot, act like 'chef'. Habis periku & senduk rumah ku kemik.. tak kurang juga ada yang patah dikerjakan si Fahim ni. Lorry, Bus & Aeroplane, Fish, balloon & ball among his obsess nowadays. He can force you and drag you sit standing infront of aquarium and what more now a days its a trend to sell small cutey fishy in cart. He can stand there just watching the fish swimming here and there as long as he can. Imagine me have to face the sales girl keep and entertain my little boy as long as they can sell but I manage to decline it. :p. Kedukut? Let it be. I'm not that rajin to helps my kids cleaning those fish tank that can take 2 hours of my time. Better save it for channel 706 heheheh.

Hubby now no more working with the same Kompeni with me. He now working with principal. I'm glad that he made a good move and happy there. Office just 10 minutes away from our house. No traffic jam. No toll. I'm jealous OK.

Moi again. Getting fatter now. The buncitness so irritates me. Until a point people politely asking me, are you pregnant? I feel like to answer yes but hell no, that's lying. Want to exercise more but doing it alone means sukahatikitalanakbuatbilabilapon... I think I want to enroll myself to any fitness center nearby. I saw there is a banner that aerobic centre is open near to my house. Plan to check out the place. Hopefully I have a good strength, discipline & motivation to achieve my mission to flatty by buncit tummy or at lease to tone by flabby area.

Arrghhhhhhhhhh!! Susahnya nak buat something to achieve something good. I hate this feeling. Bulan takkan jatuh ke riba babe..... Rezeki takde datang bergolek sesuka hati kalau dok goyang kaki je or lemak dibadan takkan cair dengan sendiri without effort!! Ya Allah kuatkan semangat hambamu ini untuk kuruskan badan. Amin!! Korang gelak eh..? tak baik tau!!

Anyway, rasanya dah panjang ni... (panjang ke?).. I will back again soon. To updates on my mission. Jadi ke.. or hot hot chicken shit je.. Good luck for me!! See you later alligator~~

My New Baby!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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